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Friday, December 14, 2018
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Herbal Medications vs. Conventional Drugs

Chapter: Why Tell Dentists About Supplements


It is important that your dentist has all the information, including your medical history, herbal medication and conventional drugs you are taking. If your dentist knows that you are taking a medication that can interact with something he or she is planning on giving you, there are a variety of solutions from which to choose. Your dentist may have you stop taking the herbal medication until the treatment is over or choose a different drug for treatment, if one is available. There are so many new alternative medications on the market today that a dentist may not know about all of them and their side effects. If your dentist is not familiar with the medication, he or she will make it his or her job to find out if a treatment is safe for your situation.


Many patients who take alternative medicines may not tell their dentist. They are afraid the dentist will not respect their decision to take an herbal medication and might tell them to stop taking it. The truth is, as herbal medications become more popular, many dentists are beginning to use them in their practices. Your dentist might even have an alternative, herbal solution for you.

Reviewed: January 2012