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Saturday, September 22, 2018
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Seniors' Oral Health

Dentists Are the First Line of Defense for Elder Abuse


Every year more than 2.5 million older Americans may be victims of elder abuse, and in some cases dentists serve as the first line of defense.

Learn what those dental words mean.

Check out how your teeth and mouth change in every stage of life.



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Stressed Out? Your Dentist Can Tell!

Chapter: Prevent Oral Health Issues When Stressed

"Marital or family problems, the death of a relative, serious personal illness, serious illness of a close relative, a major financial difficulty or a burglary all influence the severity of gum disease," says AGD spokesperson J. Michael Adame, DDS. "A patient's perception of a traumatic event is the most important factor in the progression and severity of gum disease."


"People who endure such negative occurrences tend to compromise their oral care," says Dr. Adame. "To prevent these problems from affecting your oral health, frequently brush and floss every day, use a mouthrinse and have your gums and teeth evaluated by your dentist."
Reviewed: January 2012