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Friday, March 22, 2019
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Have a Heart-to-heart Chat Before Dental Visits

Chapter: How Your Dentist Can Help

"Share an up-to-date medication list and other heart conditions with your dentist before every appointment," encourages Dr. Rhodus. "Share your cardiologist's information so your dentist can consult with him or her prior to your appointment."


Dentists don't prescribe medications specifically for the treatment of CHF but may do so for conditions associated with it. For example, valve damage of the heart is often associated with CHF. An antibiotic preventative treatment (prophylaxis) may be recommended for dental procedures that may cause gum bleeding or any other procedure that may introduce bacteria into the bloodstream.


In addition to CHF, other heart conditions make it necessary to take special precautions before dental care, including, angina, heart attack, heart valve disorders and pacemakers.

Tips for Heart Patients:
  • Always inform your dentist if you suffer from any heart condition.
  • Explain the nature of your problem and if it is under control.
  • List all medications you are taking.
  • Speak with your physician about your dental care and treatment.
Reviewed: January 2012