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Sunday, September 23, 2018
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Seniors' Oral Health

Dentists Are the First Line of Defense for Elder Abuse


Every year more than 2.5 million older Americans may be victims of elder abuse, and in some cases dentists serve as the first line of defense.

Learn what those dental words mean.

Check out how your teeth and mouth change in every stage of life.



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Know Sedation Options to Receive Best Treatment

Chapter: Anxiety & Sedation

"The level of sedation that a patient needs is individualized and based on their level of anxiety and their response to a particular level of sedation," says Jim Richeson, DDS, FAGD, AGD spokesperson and a past president of the AGD. "Some will respond fine to a minimal level of sedation, whereas others will not respond similarly and may require a deeper level of sedation. Patients should talk to their dentist about their treatment."


Some people may be confused by or nervous about the many options, but Dr. Richeson assures that dentists trained in sedation are highly skilled. "With proper training, sedation is very safe.  It can be used as often as patients need it."
Reviewed: January 2012